Special Programs

Here are some of the special programs that we offer.

Keyboard Rental Program

Need something to practice on? We have a few keyboards available for rental.

This program is open to students in the preschool, Piano 1, and Piano 2 classes.

With a $100 deposit, you can rent an instrument from us for $10 per month. There is a rent to own option (6 months of rental fees will apply to the purchase price).

You can pick up the keyboard from us or we can do simple deliveries (only one or two stair steps) for a fee of $50 one way. If there are many stairs involved you can make arrangements with Peninsula Piano Movers.

Call 1-650-325-2608 or talk to Anne for more information.

Music Camp

Piano camp 2005 is an intensive all- or half-day program held for a week during the summer. Read more on the music camp page.

Escorts to/from Cubberley Schools

For students in the Children's International School and Good Neighbor Montessori School, the teachers provide an escort service. We will pick the kids up from school and walk them back again after class. Just let us know when you enroll that you are students of these schools.

Piano Buyers Club

Purchasing an instrument can be a confusing process. There are many choices in the marketplace these days with different kinds of instruments and different brands. What is the best choice for you? Electronic or acoustic, and what do those even mean? How do you know if you're getting a good deal? Who should you talk to? These are all questions that we have been asked many times as parents and adult students go out to purchase a new instrument.

To help our students we have put together a packet of information that includes a list of the piano dealers in the area, contacts at each dealer, brief descriptions of what to look for in the different kinds of instruments, and some suggestions for how to work with dealers to get the best price possible. We are also glad to talk with the potential buyer to discuss their specific needs and questions. When schedules permit we can arrange to go to the dealer with the buyer and preview the instrument with them. This can be a very valuable resource that we provide only for students who are currently enrolled with us or have enrolled with us anytime in the last year.

Create a Class Program

If you can find three to five friends to sign up for the same class, day, and time with you, we provide an additional discount. See the tuition and fee schedule for details.

Supplemental Private Lessons

We have found it very helpful for the upper level students to have the occasional private lesson in addition to their regular class lessons. In this way we can ensure that the individual needs of each student are being met. These are completely optional additions to the classes and must be arranged for and paid for separately.

It is suggested that the student sign up for lessons with their regular teacher. However, if that is not possible, any of the teachers listed on the schedule are able to fill in.

We are suggesting one lesson per quarter for Piano 2 and Piano 3 students and one lesson per month for Piano 4 and Piano 5 students. No more than two lessons per month. Piano 6 students should consult with their teacher for their schedule.

To sign up for the lessons check the schedule posted in the Peninsula Piano School classroom to see what is available. Each teacher is available during the week for the supplemental lesson program. Sign your name and phone number onto the chart at the time that you would like and please confirm it with the teacher.

The cost is $25 per half hour to be paid directly to the teacher at the time of the lesson.

Supplemental Lesson Rules:

  1. Reserve your time at least one week in advance.
  2. Payment is due at the time of the lesson.
  3. If you need to cancel a lesson you must notify the office of Peninsula Piano School no less than 24 hours in advance. If the school is not notified in time you will be liable for the full fee.
  4. If the teacher has to cancel for any reason, the lesson will be rescheduled at no additional charge.
  5. Students must be enrolled and participating in a class on a regular basis to sign up for these lessons.
  6. No student may sign up for more than two lessons per month.