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Here's on overview of the information on our web site.

On the top of our page, you'll find links to different functions of our site:

Takes you back to our top welcome page.
Contact us
Gives you phone numbers, e-mail address, and US Postal Mail address to reach us.
To enroll
Provides both an on-line and printable form to enroll you or your children in classes.
Provides an alphabetic list of items on our site
Site Map
(This page) Shows the overall structure of our site to help you see what's here.

In the left column, you'll find links to the major subject areas of our site:

Getting Started
Answers your questions about how to get started with piano lessons for yourself or your child
A quick look at new things going on in our studio
A summary of upcoming dates for classes, enrollment, open houses, recitals, and holidays
Schedule of classes
Classes for Adults
Descriptions of the courses we offer for adults and teenagers
Classes for Children
Descriptions of the courses we offer for children
Special Programs
Descriptions of extra services and events offered by our studio, including our open house, supplemental private lessons, piano buyers club, and more
Tuition and Fees
Prices and discounts for classes and accompanying materials
Class Location
Maps and driving directions to our teaching location in Palo Alto
Music Camp
Describes our annual week-long music camp program.
Adobe Portable Document Format brochures about Peninsula Piano School
What to do if ...
Procedures for missed classes, etc.