Children's Classes

Pre-School Classes: Time for Music

An introduction to the Piano classes for 3 1/2 to 5 year old children. The curriculum includes an introduction to beginning music concepts--the high and low sounds, sounds going up or down, basic rhythm notation, and the black and white keys of the keyboard. All concepts are taught using a variety of music experiences including singing, movement, and percussion ensemble playing. Beginning keyboard technics are also part of the course. The students are grouped according to age--3 1/2  - 4 year olds are together and 4 1/2 - 5 years olds work together. The average class takes 16 weeks to complete this curriculum. Older children usually move through the course a little more quickly. Each class meets once a week for 50 minutes.

Classes for 5 & Up: Primary Piano Classes

These are progressive classes in which the students learn about music and the keyboard. Each level is tailored to the needs of different age groups. The curriculum emphasizes the total musical experience while focusing on learning how to play the piano. Students are taught each new concept not only on the keyboard but also using a variety of musical experiences such as singing, movement and music oriented games. In this way students learn to experience all aspects of music and work on their ear training skills. Not all classes move a the same pace so we can only estimate how long it will take for a student to complete each level. Each class meets once a week for 50 minutes.

Class Level Enrolling Level

Average time to Complete

Piano 1 Beginners 16 weeks
Piano 2 Graduates of Piano 1 8 weeks
Piano 3 Graduates of Piano 2 8 weeks
Piano 4 Graduates of Piano 3 12 weeks
Piano 5 Graduates of Piano 4 12 weeks
Piano 6 Graduates of Piano 5 18 weeks

Since the time for students to complete these classes varies, course levels sometimes carry over from one quarter to the next. We keep these classes together on the same day and time in the next quarter.

Seminars for Private Students

A new addition to our schedule is monthly seminars for our private students. We want to provide them with the chance to meet with other students and work with them on more advanced theory projects as well as perform their music for each other.

The seminars are free of charge to our private students.