Music Camp 2014

Music Camp 2014 has many musical experiences for our students.

The Core of Our Programs

Theory & Ear Training Classes: The basics of music that every student should know. In addition to class time, students take part in the computer lab where they can practice in a fun and entertaining way.

Musical Games: We're famous for our creative games that make the concepts of music very tangible for our students. This is usually everyone's favorite part of the day.

Piano Classes: For the beginning to advanced student. Beginning students will get a jump start into the world of piano playing while more experienced students will be participating in duet and ensemble playing.

This Year's Special Activities

Composition: Students will be writing a song. We'll be working with lyrics to discover the rhythm of words while using common classical forms to create an entire song.

Percussion Ensemble: Students will be participating in percussion ensembles to create a unique rhythmic performance.

Music History: This year we're studying music from the Classical period of history and looking at how they created many moods in the music.

Surprise! There will be an additional section offered at each camp. We are currently in discussion with a few different teachers about art or dance sections of the camp. We'll keep you posted as this develops.

June 16 – 20 for any level student

Half Day and Full Day Sessions available.

Half Days from 9AM to 12:00 PM or 12:00PM to 3PM.

Full Days from 9AM–3PM

Extended hours for those who want to add an extra piano class or classes to their day 3PM–6PM

Full Day students must bring their own lunch. All other snacks are included.

Extended care is available from 8:00 to 9:00AM and 3:00 to 6:00 PM.

There is an additional charge for extended care—see fees below.

Questions and Answers

“What is music camp all about?”

Music camp is about teaching beginners the basics of music and teaching more advanced students skills that perhaps they don't have time to go over in their regular lessons. Students are rotated through different classes during the day that cover a variety of different topics. We believe that showing our students how music works and having them participate in fun activities that involve them in music is the best way to give them something that they will keep for a lifetime.

“How could that work?”

It works because we make sure that the students don’t just spend the day sitting at the piano or computer. They participate in theory and ear training classes, composition, music history, and several other classes. There is a computer lab where students can work with different music programs. They also have the option of taking a piano class session where beginners work on basic skills and more advanced students work on duet and ensemble playing.

“What is the schedule like?”

Students have short classes, 45 minutes in length, followed by a quick recess break of 5 minutes. That gives them time to go to the next classroom or play in the yard for a few minutes. One break during each half day is a little longer and we provide a snack for them. All classes are held at Cubberley Community Center. We rent additional classrooms in the A building as well as the M building for this event.

“What ages are the students who come to the camp?”

For beginning students the camp is open to students ages 7 and up. Non-beginners can be 6 and up.

“How are the students grouped? My 8 year old has already had 2 years of lessons, will he be with beginners all day?”

Not at all. If the student has never signed up with us before we give him or her a short placement test. The students are then grouped into beginning, intermediate and advanced levels so that they are working with others at about the same level as themselves.