Important Dates 2013-2014

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Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Summer Quarter

August 24-30
Fall Semester, 1st Quarter begins

August 31-September 2
No Class. Labor Day Vacation.

September 7
Last day to enroll for Fall Semester,
1st Quarter

October 14-19
Fall Semester, 1st Quarter ends

October 21-26
Fall Semester, 2nd Quarter starts

October 26
Halloween Recitals

November 2
Last day to enroll for Fall Semester,
2nd Quarter

November 25-30
No classes or lessons.
Classes resume December 7

December 7
Holiday recitals

December 16-January 21
Last week of Fall Semester

December 23-January 4
No classes or lessons.
Holiday vacation
Classes resume January 6

January 6-11
Spring Semester, 1st Quarter begins

January 18
Last day to enroll for
Spring Semester, 1st Quarter

February 8
Winter recitals

February 17
No classes. President's Day

February 24-March 1
Spring Semester, 1st Quarter ends

March 3-8
Spring Semester, 2nd Quarter begins

March 15
Last day to enroll for
Spring Semester, 2nd Quarter

March 15
Spring recitals

March 31-April 5
No classes or lessons.
Spring break!
Classes resume April 7

April 28-May 3
Last week of Spring Semester

May 10
Spring recitals and preschool recital

May 5-10
Summer Quarter begins

May 24-26
No classes.
Memorial Day Weekend
Classes resume May 27

June 7
Summer recitals

June 16-20
Music Camp

July 4-5
No classes.
4th of July holiday
Classes resume July 7

July 14-19
Last week of Summer Quarter

July 20-August 22
No classes or lessons.
Summer break!

Dates are subject to change.