Adult Classes

For the Adult Beginning Player: Piano Classes

The Piano Class system was designed specifically for the adult beginner who wants to learn to play the piano. It is equally valuable to the keyboard, digital piano and acoustic piano owner. Level 1 is for the beginner who has no experience with music. By the time they complete this level, students have learned how to read music, how to play chords, and how to read the basic musical symbols and "road signs" that any player will see. We also strive to give you an understanding of basic keyboard technic--that is, how to move your hands around the keyboard efficiently. Subsequent levels expand the students knowledge of music theory and piano technic while introducing you to different styles of music. Each level is an 8 week class that meets for 50 minutes each week.

For the Intermediate Player: Playing Popular Music

The Playing Popular Music classes will teach you about today's most popular styles of music. For teenagers and adults this is a fun and exciting opportunity to learn more about chords and beginning to make their own professional-sounding arrangements. These are 8 week courses that meet for 50 minutes each week.

Let's Play!

If you would like to learn some great music and work on developing your technical skills you should take one or more of our Let's Play! classes. This class was designed to concentrate on the technical--physical--aspects of playing the piano. We want to make your hands work better. We study 4 different pieces in depth. These pieces are chosen with variety in mind. For instance, one will be of a more classical nature, one from the jazz world, and one from the popular music realm. The last piece could be from any of several different styles. This is an 8 week course that meets for 50 minutes each week.